Researchers Based at Nafferton

Gillian Butler

Gillian has worked with farmers for over 30 years, mainly offering advice on feeding and forage production for livestock. She started working at the university in 1997 and joined the Ecological Farming Group at Nafferton in 2002, to set up a consultancy centre for organic red meat production in a DTI project. She has gone on to research the impact of animal management on product quality.

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Phone: +44 (0) 166 183 0222 (NEFG) or (0)191 208 6656 (NU)

Dr Paul Bilsborrow

Paul is an agricultural plant scientist focusing on crop agronomy and optimising waste management for fertiliser use. He has been a Senior Lecturer in agriculture at Newcastle University since 2001 and a Senior Editor of the Journal of Agricultural Science  since 2012. Dr Bilsborrow’s research with NEFG includes extensive use of the field trials to evaluate agronomic performance of conventional and organic cropping systems, with a particular emphasis on alternative cereal crops.

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Phone:  +44 (0) 191 208 6868

Dr Marcin Baranski

Marcin’s main field of interest is research synthesis, developing and using his own R statistical environment scripts to perform meta-analyses. Dr Baranski’s work features heavily in recent projects on Organic Food Quality differences and he also manages and analyses data from multiple NEFG projects. As an animal physiologist (with a PhD from the University of Warsaw, Poland), Marcin is also interested in the effects of agricultural practices on the immune system of mammals.

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Phone: +44 (0) 1661 830 222
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Dr Leonidas Rempelos

Leonidas joined NEFG in 2007 as a post-graduate student and has stayed on as a research associate since 2013. He has a PhD in Molecular Agriculture from Newcastle University and is involved in a variety of research projects. As a plant scientist, Leo focuses on improving crop production through a sustainable systems approach. He develops, organises, supervises, delivers and implements work for research projects in cereal, vegetable and greenhouse crop production. His recent projects include NUE-CropsImproveP, HealthyMinorCereals and he has long been involved in managing the experimental field trials.

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Phone: +44 (0) 1661 830 222

Researchers Working with NEFG

John Gowing

John is a water and agricultural engineer focusing on improved management of irrigation systems. He is a Reader in Agricultural Waste Management and is the Degree Programme Director for the MSc in Organic Farming and Food Production Systems at Newcastle University. John’s multi-disciplinary research applies soil science and hydrology to broader approaches to environmental and agricultural land management. His research with NEFG includes irrigation projects in semi-arid environments, which are managed at a satellite research station in Crete, Greece.

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Phone: +44 (0) 191 208 8488

Dr Ankush Prashar

Ankush is a crop scientist focusing on genetics and breeding for plant stress related traits. He became a Lecturer in Crop Science at Newcastle University in 2016 and was previously a molecular geneticist with the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. Dr Prashar’s work with NEFG focuses on identifying potato varieties with key traits beneficial to productivity in sustainable agriculture systems.

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Phone: +44(0)191 208 5103

Dr Michael Wallace

Michael is an agricultural economist whose research focuses on the application of quantitative modelling techniques to study resource management decisions within farm businesses. He is a Senior Lecturer in Farm Business at Newcastle University. Dr Wallace’s work comprises two principal themes: (1) assessing impacts of agricultural and environmental policies on farm management decisions and economic performance; and (2) evaluating economic and environmental efficiencies of production systems and technology choices on farms.

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Phone: +44(0) 191 208 6921

Dr Gavin Stewart

Gavin is a Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis at Newcastle University specialising in systematic review and meta-analyses. His research focuses on applying evidence-based methods to trans-disciplinary problems relating to food security. Dr Stewart has collaborated with NEFG researchers on several meta-analyses focusing on the Quality of Organic Food.

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Phone: +44(0)191 208 3593

Researchers Abroad

Dr Nikos Volakakis

Nikos is a guest member of staff at Newcastle University and supervises Postgraduate students during their field work in Greece. He also manages field trials in Crete as the founder of the agri-research company GeoKomi. He was a scholarship holder from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (2004) and gained his PhD in Olive production systems at Newcastle University (2005-2010). Prior to his PhD he was working in Greece as a Research assistant in NAGREF (National Agricultural Research Foundation) and in TEI (Technological Educational Institute) of Crete. He has also worked with farmers for over 10 years, offering advice to organic and conventional olive oil producers. He manages and works on an olive farm in Messara plain, Crete, Greece.