Here at Newcastle University’s Nafferton Farm we are at an exciting crossroads for our research infrastructure, with many changes on the horizon.  University restructuring has brought new colleagues from a wide range of disciplines. We are keen to build on the legacy of our role as a research farm and uncertainties about future EU funding […]

MSc students with some of our Cretan hosts, the NEFG team and guests at the group’s final meal in Crete (Photo Credit Oduwole Olatunde) From 23 May to 6 June, 26 MSc students from programmes in the Newcastle University School of Agriculture participated in a field course based in Sivas, Crete. The field course takes place […]

The Oxford Real Farming Conference has made all PowerPoints, audio recordings and films from the 2017 conference available online through the ORFC 2017 Archive. Professor Carlo Leifert was a part of the panel titled “What goes in and what comes out: : resource efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability of organic and low-input farming” and also presented research […]

Last month, Dr Stephen Jones of Washington State University delivered a seminar at the Newcastle University School of Agriculture about his work with the WSU Bread Lab. His presentation was recorded by the University and full audio and slides of Dr Jones’ seminar can be viewed at the following link: Bread and Community (please note, the presentation […]

We are nearing the end of harvest at Nafferton, and closing out our busiest cereal season in recent memory. NEFG managed trials of spelt, rye, spring wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, buckwheat and quinoa this year–here are some updates about our more unusual species. Spelt and Rye The HealthyMinorCereals project included three trials of spelt and […]

The landbridge network is hosting a workshop at Nafferton farm on Thursday, 8th September 2016 to consider the role for advisers in integrated farm management for sustainable intensification. Landbridge is a knowledge exchange network for rural professionals and a partner in the Defra-funded Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP). Nafferton farm is one of the SIP study […]

As the debate and politics surrounding the use of the pesticide glyphosate heat up, particularly in the EU, Professor Carlo Leifert would like to draw your attention to a video narrated by Dr Michael Greger. The video describes recent glyphosate/Round-Up facts, what happened to the permitted residue levels and why there is so much confusion about […]

On April 21st, Professor Carlo Leifert was the keynote speaker for the ‘Future of Organic’ panel at the 2016 Food Tank Summit in Washington D.C. Professor Leifert presented results from NEFG’s recent studies on the nutritional Quality of Organic Food and answered questions as part of a panel of experts. The full video of the panel is featured […]

In the largest systematic reviews of their kind, an international team of experts led by Newcastle University, UK, has shown that both organic milk and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced products. Publishing their findings today in the British Journal of Nutrition, the team say the data show a […]

The International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS) has shared some of the results from the ImproveP project. ImproveP considers strategies for addressing phosphorus deficiency in organic farming systems and in 2014 trials were established at Nafferton farm in the UK and in Denmark to determine if certain potato varieties are more efficient […]