Here at Newcastle University’s Nafferton Farm we are at an exciting crossroads for our research infrastructure, with many changes on the horizon.  University restructuring has brought new colleagues from a wide range of disciplines. We are keen to build on the legacy of our role as a research farm and uncertainties about future EU funding […]

A new study published on 9 January 2017 shows that glyphosate may cause liver disease when ingested at very low levels by rats. The King’s College study concludes as follows: “The results of the study presented here imply that chronic consumption of extremely low levels of a GBH formulation (Roundup), at admissible glyphosate-equivalent concentrations, are […]

Last month, Dr Stephen Jones of Washington State University delivered a seminar at the Newcastle University School of Agriculture about his work with the WSU Bread Lab. His presentation was recorded by the University and full audio and slides of Dr Jones’ seminar can be viewed at the following link: Bread and Community (please note, the presentation […]

We are nearing the end of harvest at Nafferton, and closing out our busiest cereal season in recent memory. NEFG managed trials of spelt, rye, spring wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, buckwheat and quinoa this year–here are some updates about our more unusual species. Spelt and Rye The HealthyMinorCereals project included three trials of spelt and […]

NEFG PhD Student Gultakin Hasanaliyeva attended the 10th International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology held in Verona, Italy from 13th – 18th July. The University of Verona organised the symposium, which included ‘plant physiology and development, environmental and pathogen interactions, genomics, metabolomics and fruit quality’. Beyond attending, Gultakin presented a poster on her research project, […]

As part of the continuing series of events focusing on rye and spelt trials, the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group will host a summer information session on 2nd July 2016. This will be the third in a series of informative events focussed on the spelt and rye field trials, which are components of the EU-funded Healthy […]

The International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS) has shared some of the results from the ImproveP project. ImproveP considers strategies for addressing phosphorus deficiency in organic farming systems and in 2014 trials were established at Nafferton farm in the UK and in Denmark to determine if certain potato varieties are more efficient […]

The Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP), a DEFRA scheme, has released its second newsletter with updates on a variety of projects and events within the platform. Nafferton is one of the five study farms included in the study areas and our recent spelt and rye information sessions have covered aspects of NEFG’s role in SIP. The […]

As part of both the Healthy Minor Cereals and Sustainable Intensification Platform projects, the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group is hosting a series of information sessions about spelt and rye growing in Northeast England. The first two events took place this year in July and November, while additional activities will continue over the next 3 years as the […]

The Organic Research Centre presents the 10th Organic Producers’ Conference in Bristol in January. The theme of the event is Common Ground: Agroecology, food sovereignty and organic farming in practice and it will take place at the Novotel Bristol Centre. The Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairy (SOLID) project will also hold a workshop at the […]